Butler Soft Water Products

Water Softeners

Get the clear, soft water you want. Impression Series® water softeners solve hard water challenges. Day and night, your water will now perform like it should — creating rich lathers with less soap, rinsing cleaner without film or residue. Plus your appliances will perform at peak, your clothes and towels will be softer, and your hair will be silkier!

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Iron Filtration

Fresh clean water from your well, every time. Impression® Air Sulfur (IMS) and Air Iron (IMFE) filters are extremely effective in removing hydrogen sulfide and iron, commonly associated with problem well water. These systems use a unique air-injection filtering technology to oxidize sulfur or iron into precipitates (solids) that can be readily filtered and removed — the result is simply refreshingly good water from the tap, every time.

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Drinking Water Systems

Along with our water softeners and filters we also install and repair drinking water systems. Our Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems are affordable and are able to deliver fresh quality water right from a tap at your sink. No more need for buying expensive bottled water at the store or having it delivered to your door. We install a system right at your kitchen sink with it's own dedicated faucet. It removes impurities, dirt and unwanted smells and odors; giving you and your family the crisp, clean water you desire. No more worrying about running out and having to order more. Our systems deliver 35+ gallons per day right at your sink.

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Reliable, cost-effective, commercial water treatment systems. We offer a variety of commercial softening and conditioning systems, water filtration systems, and drinking water systems for any application.